Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary Business Friends Program


We believe in the power of working with compassionate companies and building partnerships – whether it be mega corporations or startup businesses.

Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary (FFAS) is nonprofit organization, dedicated to rescuing and providing sanctuary for farmed animals that are in situations of abuse, neglect or abandonment.

As a FFAS Business Friend, your brand can connect with our audience.

In return for a one-time donation, FFAS will provide year-round marketing benefits along with a framed certificate of appreciation.

Your company’s tax-deductible gift will immediately go toward supporting programs that help suffering farmed animals.

FFAS donors and supporters will find your company on our website, in e-mail promotions, on social media, at our events, and on printed literature.

Become a FFAS Partner Today!

FFAS Business Friends is a partnership developed for kindhearted companies willing to assist in Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary’s dedication to stop farmed animal abuse and suffering.

Thank you for considering a partnership with FFAS. We appreciate your business support.

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